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Daze the world with its glaze
About Us
The paradise on earth has been a hub of extensive cultural heritage in India as well around the globe. A noble idea of carrying forward this legacy stuck a trio engendering what we know today as Crafts Gallery. The hand embroider and intricately woven shawls with feather light touch of nature's deftest, finest wool next only to your skin, crafted by skilled artisans, mostly hand-loomed to retain the mark of the artisans who make them. Shawls as a fabric and as a garment has a deep-rooted tradition in Indian culture. [ read more ]
pic_furnishins.pngFor bieng simple articles of need as pure and simple floor entrance covering to protect the tribeson from cold , noblemen those who looked for signs of wealth or adornment.It enjoys a special place in collective imagination. They are the objects of tales, kingdoms, grandeur, magic and their very presence is enough to create a certain atmosphere. .
   Suits  &  Sarees

  DSC00995_2_20120311224107267.jpgSix yards of clothes. That is all there is to the sarees or suits. Yet, it lends a certain grace and elegance to the wearer unmatched by any other garment. We at KSM are mainly involved in designing  sarees and suits which are most demanding and add to the  beauty of Indian women.