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The paradise on earth has been a hub of extensive cultural heritage in India as well around the globe. A noble idea of carrying forward this legacy stuck a trio engendering what we know today as Crafts Gallery. The hand embroider and intricately woven shawls with feather light touch of nature's deftest, finest wool next only to your skin, crafted by skilled artisans, mostly hand-loomed to retain the mark of the artisans who make them. Shawls as a fabric and as a garment has a deep-rooted tradition in Indian culture. [ read more ]

The making of the distinctive shawl/ stole fringe is perhaps one of the most interesting stages of shawl making. The characteristic fringes of the Pashmina shawl are made by the nimble fingers of women. It takes hours to fringe each Pashmina shawl.

Dyeing is also done by hand, and each piece individually. Dyers with immense patience and generations of experience are the ones who dye the Pashmina shawls, as even the smallest negligence reflects on the quality of the product. Only metal and azo free dyes are used, making the shawls completely eco-friendly. The pure water used for dying is pumped up from deep beneath the surface. Dyeing is done at a temperature just below boiling point for nearly an hour. Pashmina wool is exceptionally absorbent, and dyes easily and deeply.

This is the final step in the process of making handicrafts items. Washing is done by experienced persons as the shawls are delicate enough to withstand washing by unfeasible methods.
Now the finishing touches are given to shawls and ready to be packed for the customer who are eager to have one

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