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The paradise on earth has been a hub of extensive cultural heritage in India as well around the globe. A noble idea of carrying forward this legacy stuck a trio engendering what we know today as Crafts Gallery. The hand embroider and intricately woven shawls with feather light touch of nature's deftest, finest wool next only to your skin, crafted by skilled artisans, mostly hand-loomed to retain the mark of the artisans who make them. Shawls as a fabric and as a garment has a deep-rooted tradition in Indian culture. [ read more ]
    Pashmina wool is the gossamer-like inner layer, sheared from the Himalayan Mountain goat ( the Capra Circus ) raised by semi - nomadic herders. Each goat yields about 3 to 8 inches of fiber per year. The severe and inhospitable climate of the upper Himalayan reaches provides ideal environs for Pashmina growth
    The fiber is collected every spring and is essentially spun by hand. Hand spinning is an extremely painstaking process done by women possessing immense patience, dexterity and dedication. The spinning scene is a feast for the eyes.Spinning of tops is ver tough job and demands experience for the generation of best quality threads to be utilized for weaving.
    Woolen shawls can be either weaved on handlooms or even power looms as its thread is tough. Pashmina yarn is too fragile for the vibration caused by power looms, the weaving of the traditional 100% Pashmina shawls are therefore done on Handlooms. It is essential for the weaver to have a uniform hand, for par excellence fabric. The chic Pashmina – Silk Blend shawls are woven on either Power Looms or Handlooms. Weaving here is done with a shuttle carrying the soft Pashmina yarn through the fine yet strong silk warp. The weaving process is in itself an art, which has been passed down over generations, to give you the fabulous shawls, which we offer