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About Us
The paradise on earth has been a hub of extensive cultural heritage in India as well around the globe. A noble idea of carrying forward this legacy stuck a trio engendering what we know today as Crafts Gallery. The hand embroider and intricately woven shawls with feather light touch of nature's deftest, finest wool next only to your skin, crafted by skilled artisans, mostly hand-loomed to retain the mark of the artisans who make them. Shawls as a fabric and as a garment has a deep-rooted tradition in Indian culture. [ read more ]


* Machines and Equipment....our strength-There is not a single equipment in the manufacture plant, which does not belong to the category of hi-tech machines. The machines have the capacity to produce unlimited outputs in limited time.

* Man Power....our soul - The team of professionals we possess, have always shown zeal and enthusiasm in their respective field of work. Hard work , dedication, diligence, discipline galore in our production plant.

* Research and Development Unit....our attempt to offer the best- We indulge in a lot of research and development of the products we deal in, to fulfill the demands of the market. The credit goes to our indefatigable researchers, who constantly endeavor to make the products up-to-date and customer oriented.

* Quality......the hallmark -If today we are ridding on the crest of success, it is because of the quality products we manufacture and export. A lot energy is expended to ensure that the products conform to the likes of the international market. It is the product with difference that we produce, make us different from our competitors.
* Customers' Response -We deliver our valued products to many regions of the globe. All the products we manufacture, have received overwhelming response across the globe. We have always catered to the needs and the requirements of the clients